Churdhar Mahadev's call Again

 Churdhar is a holy place related with Shri Shirgul Maharaj (Chureshwar Maharaj), a deity widely worshipped in Sirmour and Chaupal. Churdhar peak is at an elevation of 12,000 feet. It is one of the highest peak in outer Himalayas situated in Sirmour district. Churdhar and is also known as “Choori Chandni Ki Dhar”. This high point offers a commanding 3600 view; of the far-off mountains of Dhauldhar and Pir-Panjal Himalaya in North, and the gangetic plains in the South. The shimmering lights of Punjab and Haryana on a full-moon light add to the glory of this serene peak.
Churdhar is believed to be the abode of Dev Srigul, an incarnation of Shiva, born to Raja Bhokru of Sirmaur. The peak is named after Chur, a servant of Srigul and a devotee of Lord Shiva. When Srigul fought a lone battle against the tyrant Mughals, he handed over his Kingdom to Churu and thus the peak was named after the loyal servant.
Churdhar peak can be approached from at least three routes – Chaupal in Shimla district is the base for the shortest route of 7 kms, while Haripurdhar in Sirmour district is the base for a longer route of some 50 km. Nauradhar (Nohra) is the third base from where Churdhar is a 20 km climb and this is the route I took. Nauradhar is a small town on the Solan – Rajghar -Sarahan road and is about 130 km from Chandigarh, which can be covered in about five hours by car

The View from - Churu Ka Tibba 
The churu ka tibba is famous as the loyal servant of Shirgul Maharaj Churu commited suicide from this big boulder of rock with his
whole family. For me the mountains is a peaceful place where i can rest and fullfil myself positivity.
I write from my soul. That's the reason critics don't hate me, because it's me. If it wasn't me, if I would be pretending to be someone else, then there would unbalance in my world, but I know who I am.
दिल से मांगी जाए तो हर दुआ में असर होता है मंजिले उन्ही को मिलती है जिनकी जिंदगी में सफ़र होता है
In the end I would like to end it with a quote
"Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets. Never stop exploring,new adventures always awaits".

Manali - Rohtang Pass, Vashisht and Jogini Falls

Manali is a hill station situated in the Himachal Pradesh. Manali is recognized as Valley of Gods. When you are travelling to Manali then keep a day aside for exploring the beauty of Rohtang Pass which is just 51 km away from Manali. 

This land is known for its spectacular beauty and in recent 6 months, it got its popularity after being accessible to the public. It also connects two beautiful valleys of Lahaul – Spiti.

There are so many HRTC and HPTDC AC and Non-Ac buses that connect Manali to Rohtang Pass. If you are travelling from Delhi or Chandigarh then NH 21 will lead you to this beautiful pass. The journey to reach this pass is more beautiful than any other as you will come across the beautiful landscape with Beas River flowing on another side of the road

This awesome place is Rohtang Pass it is so famous that it attracts around 2 lakh tourists every year  and also because it is the highest motorable road in the in the world. This being a fact this becomes a lifetime goal to numerous  motorheads across India and also across the globe.   It is a spell-binding route through which every nature lover wishes to traverse with enthusiasm. The fabulous pass is situated at a distance of 51 km from Manali and is on the Manali-Leh highway.Although public transport is available still most of the people prefer to travel in their own vehicles due to which it is very likely that you are stuck in long traffic jam. 

The place is located 2.8 kilometers away from Manali. The beautiful small village located east of the Beas river, spread the energy of positivity and is a veritable backpackers paradise.This village is famous for its hot natural sulphur springs and the Vashisth Temple. If you travel to rohtang and from there if you have planned to travel back to manali A bath in these springs is something that should definitely be not missed.

Jogini Waterfall is around 3 Kms trek from Vashisht. It is one of the famous spots to visit in Manali and also one among the famed places to explore in Himachal Pradesh. It falls from a height of approx. 150 feet through numerous stages. It is a travellers paradise. 

"Life is one big road with lots of signs. So when you riding through the ruts, don't complicate your mind. Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy. Don't bury your thoughts"
© bob marley


Rishikesh - Gateway to the Ganges

Rishikesh is a city in India’s northern state of Uttarakhand, in the Himalayan foothills beside the Ganges River. Rishikesh, sometimes nicknamed "Yoga Capital of the World", has numerous yoga centres that attract tourists. It is believed that meditation in Rishikesh brings one closer to attainment of moksha, as does a dip in the holy river that flows through it. 

Sunset over the Ganges from Laxman Jhula.

If you like a bit of peace and quiet and have travelled to Uttarakhand in search of space to reflect, I highly recommend staying in Tapovan – or further out – rather than in Laxman Jhula, which can get a little noisy. As for finding things to do in Rishikesh – from my experience, here, things will generally find you. Taking a quiet stroll to soak up the Ganges air, will inevitably lead you into conversations with strangers, music on ghats by the river and more.

Laxman Jhoola is one of the most famous attractions of Rishikesh, and it is resplendent! The view from the ghats down below, is just stunning. Walking on the Laxman Jhoola, across the Ganga, is something I absolutely love. It is serene and powerful and oh-so-exhilarating – all at the same time.

 Triveni Ghat a popular travel destination, auspicious bathing ghat and place of prayer on the Ganges, and the banks of the river, which are 2 km away from Ram Jhula and Laxman Jhula, where most of the accommodation, ashrams, restaurants and travelers Is kept.
Man is made by his belief, as he believes so he is.

मैं सुकून कहुँ , तुम गंगा घाट समझना
There’s something in the air – I found – that gets to you. Maybe it was the daily yoga, maybe it was the spray from the Ganges. Maybe it was the magic of the meditation hall at Aurovalley. All I know is that I felt more relaxed and at peace than I can remember feeling for a long time. And it’s that feeling that will bring me back here on future adventures.

Do not spoil the beauties of the earth with garbage.


Har Ki Pauri - Haridwar

 Haridwar means Gateway to the Lord. Har Ki Pauri is a famous ghat on the banks of the Ganges in Haridwar in the Indian state of Uttarakhand.The holy river Ganga enters the Indo-Gangetic plane after flowing for 157 kilometers, here in Haridwar. This gave the city its ancient name of Gangadwara, literally meaning ‘The gateway of the Ganga’
The evening Ganga Aarti takes places and which is considered most sacred is known as Brahm Kund, The spot where the nectar (Amrita) fell is today considered to be Brahma Kund at Har-Ki-Pauri(literally means footsteps of the Lord) which is the most sacred ghat in the Haridwar. Thousands of devotees and pilgrims flock here from all over the world to take a holy dip; it is believed that a dip here will wash away their sins or Karma and provide Moksha.
According to the India mythology, it is one of the four places where drops of elixir, Amrita accidentally spilled over from the pitcher or Kumbha, in which it was being carried away by the celestial bird Garuda, the vehicle of Lord Vishnu. These four spots have today become places where the Kumbh Mela is celebrated every 12 years in succession - Nasik, Ujjain, Haridwar and Prayagraj.It is also one of the four pilgrimages of Uttarkhand  – Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamnotri. Millions of devotees and tourist congregate from all over the world to celebrate this celestial event and perform ritualistic bathing on the banks of the river Ganges.

A fascinating Statue of Lord Shiva across the river about half a Km away. 100 ft tall statue of Lord Shiva is situated across the Gange river, Its one of the tallest Shiva statues of India.
गंगा तो  नहीं लाया पर खाली हाथ भी नहीं आया हूँ , मन मे मचलती लहरों मे सुकून लेकर आया हूँ 


Saroa - Jalpa Mata Temple

Jalpa Mata Temple is situated at the beautiful Saroa peak. Here you can find apple orchids and forest. Wooden carpentry is done and when wind blows. Small kandeels made of wooden make the awesome music. Jalpa mata temple is constructed in such a way that it perfectly suits the climatic conditions of the local environment.

Saroa is a beautiful place near Chail Chowk at a distance of 15 KM from here . Saroa offers unique view of Bahl valley and various ranges of Himalayas on clear day.

 Saroa is a start point of trek to Kamrunag Lake which is about 8 KM . through forest, various wildlife may be encounter between the route so be careful. The temple situated top on the hill here the flow of air are feel a uniqueness peace to soul.

There are no facilities here as saroa is completely un-touched by frequent traveler even though some locals of Mandi district and nearby places visit the Saroa for worshiping at the temple.The architect of the temple is also an attractive point. The entire temple was made of wood. During the working period, the artist kept the whole fast. 

We stayed in Cedar Valley Homstay , the food and the hotel location where  Apples orchard are make the hotel more attractive.
This Maruti 800 is not only for the exhibition but it is a useful four wheeler like pickup truck and used for to get a package (hotel ingredients) that needs to be shipped to another location.
I am hoping in near future good facilities going to setup and govt take responsibility to promote these beautiful places as new travel destination, which helps local and govt to get revenue.


Kamrunag Dev - A Legend Warrior

 Dev Kamrunag’s original name was Ratan Yaksha and he was a self-learned warrior. Like  every other temple, peak, and lake in the Himalayas, this lake too has a story. It is believed that the Lord KamruNag wanted to participate in the great battle of Mahabharat. However, he witnessed the battle until its end.Today, villagers visit the lake and the temple to pray to the Rain God during summers and it is believed that only after prayers have been offered to the Lord, the rainy season marks its presence in the valley. Every year a three day fair is held at this place in the middle of the June.  People offer gold,silver and coins throwing into the lake.
There are two or three routes for Kamrunag Trek and  We choose the most popular route to reach the temple via Rohanda village, where Kamranag is about 8 km. This is the main and also shortest route.
It takes only 2-3 hours for the top, During the trek we enjoy the scene of the unexpected sunset of nature, it was the best.
We establish our tent near the lake .The location of the tent shows that we are staying under the billion star hotel all night and it is very beautiful, the noise-free, natural sound is echoing the soul.  That words can't express that kind of peace.
This trend is being followed by centuries.No one knows how much currency notes, coins, gold and silver jewellery is settled in the base of lake as due to religious significance people does not step inside the lake. But it is a common site to see currency notes floating on the lake water.
Kamrunag Beautiful Lake

So who's packing their bags to visit these beautiful Lake ? 


Devidarh - In Winter

Devidarh is a small village and the beautiful place in the dense pine forest in the Jauni valley above Chailchowk at a distance of 17 KM from here, It is about 56 KM from Mandi here you can find traditional culture and abandon with natural beauty. A temple at the one end of a sloppy ground similar to that of Khajiyaar (famous tourist destination in Chamba Himachal) so it can be called mini – Khajiyaar.
One can make a visit to the temple, spend some time in the nature lawn outside the small temple. One can also make a visit to the village to see the tradition of local people and know more about Himachal’s culture

The route for Devidarh is very clear. We went through our car. Our journey started from chandigarh ( Chandigarh To Devidarh: 230Km).

In himachal Pradesh we covered Ner chowk – Chail Chowk – Kot– Shalla – Tunna – Jachh – Jahal – Devidarh(the final stop). 

Evening view of Jauni Valley

We stayed in Jai Mata Home Stay, the food and the atmosphere was wonderful.

I am hoping in near future good facilities going to setup and govt take responsibility to promote these beautiful places as new travel destination, which helps local and govt to get revenue.